Summer Olympics Word Search Puzzle

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Get ready for the 2024 Paris Summer Olympics by printing your copies of this FREE printable word search activity!

Solve this puzzle by finding all 65 fun Summer Olympics-themed words, such as: arena, arrow, athlete, ball, base, basket, bat, beach, birdie, bounce, bow, canoe, catch, champion, cleats, club, coach, compete, countries, course, court, diamond, dive, equipment, exercise, field, freestyle, ground, hit, horse, javelin, jump, kayak, kick, lap, lift, mat, medal, net, park, pitch, player, playoffs, points, pool, putt, racket, relay, ring, run, score, server, skateboard, springboard, sprint, stadium, strike, surfboard, tee, throw, track, trampoline, uniform, venues, and water.

Words will be found up, down, left, right, and diagonally. The solution is included with your download, in case anyone needs a hint.

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Summer Olympics Word Search
Summer Olympics Word Search
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