Summer Camp Word Search Puzzle

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FREE printable summer camp-themed word search puzzle!

Puzzlers of all ages will love this HUGE word find activity! Some words included are activities, adventure, arts, assembly, August, backpack, bathhouse, beach, boys, bracelets, buddies, bunk, bus, cabin, campfire, canoeing, chores, climbing, counselor, crafts, day, director, discoveries, exercise, experience, flag, friendship, fun, games, girls, growth, guide, handbook, happy, instructor, interests, July, June, kayaking, kids, lake, lifeguard, nature, orientation, outdoors, overnight, parents, playing, programs, rain, recreation, rules, schedule, songs, sports, stars, stories, sun, sunrise, sunset, swimming, teens, tent, trek, and wilderness.

Words can be found up, down, left, right, and diagonally. The solution is included at the end of the PDF, in case anyone gets stuck.

To grab this cute no-prep activity worksheet, just click “Print Puzzle” to download the PDF!

Summer Camp Word Search Puzzle
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