Pumpkin Varieties Word Search Puzzle

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This word search is filled to the brim with the names of 65 pumpkin varieties and their colors, such as: amber, Appalachian, Aspen, Atlantic, Autumn Gold, Baby Bear, Baby Boo, Baby Pam, baking, Big Autumn, Big Max, Big Moon, Big Tom, Buff, bumpy, Bushkin, Casper, Chelsea, Cinderella, color, Connecticut, crop, Cucurbita, Cushaw, Dickinson, Fairytale, field, Frosty, Funny Face, golden, green, Happy Jack, Harvest Moon, heirloom, Howden, hybrid, Jackpot, Jumbo, Jumpin Jack, Kentucky Large, Little Boo, Lumina, Mammoth Gold, medium, miniature, Munchkin, New England, orange, Peekaboo, Pepo, pie, reddish, seeds, small, smooth, Snowball, Spirit, Spooktacular, standard, striped, Sugar Treat, Trickster, white, and yellow.

Words will be found up, down, left, right, and diagonally, and the solution is included with your download in case anyone needs a clue.

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Pumpkin Varieties Word Search
Pumpkin Varieties Word Search
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