It’s Summer Word Search Puzzle

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Celebrate summer with this FREE printable word search activity! Grab as many copies as you want today by clicking “Print Puzzle.”

To solve this entertaining word find puzzle, search up, down, left, right, and diagonally to find all 65 summer themed words including: air conditioner, August, barbecue, baseball, bike, boardwalk, breeze, butterfly, campfire, daylight, dive, dog days, fire pit, fireflies, frisbee, garden, green, heat wave, hopscotch, hot, inner tube, July, jump rope, June, kickball, ladybug, lawn chair, lemonade, lightning, melt, mow lawn, ocean, outdoors, park, pick berries, play, pool, rain, recreation, rest, run, sailboat, sandcastle, sandals, seashell, shorts, sidewalk chalk, sizzle, solstice, splash, starfish, stay cool, straw hat, sunburn, sunglasses, sunshine, sweaty, swim, swing, tag, tank, top, tent, trip, umbrella, and veggies.

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Its Summer Word Search
Its Summer Word Search
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