Father’s Day Word Search Puzzle

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Happy Father’s Day! This FREE word search puzzle is a fun activity for children and their fathers to do together on this special holiday.

In order to complete the activity, find all 65 Father’s Day themed words, including: baby, beard, brave, card, caring, celebration, children, clever, coach, confidant, cool, dad, daughter, devoted, family, fatherly, friend, fun, generous, gift, giving, grandfather, guide, handyman, happy, hardworking, help, hero, holiday, hug, inspiration, joke, kids, kind, laughter, leader, listens, loving, mentor, mustache, papa, parent, party, patient, playful, protective, provider, pun, reliable, silly, smart, smile, snuggles, son, special, strong, super, supportive, teacher, teenager, tie, toddler, trust, understanding, and wise.

To download the PDF, simply click “Print Puzzle”. If you are looking for more fun work pages, be sure to check out the rest of our free printable Father’s Day puzzles!

Fathers Day Word Search
Fathers Day Word Search
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