Tree Species Word Trails Puzzle

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Solve this puzzle by finding each word from the provided list and then draw a line from square to square to reveal the word. Word trails can wander up, down, left, right, and diagonally!

The solution is included with your download.

This puzzle features the names of 36 tree species, such as: hemlock, hazelnut, baobab, hawthorn, willow, pistachio, juniper, nutmeg, neem, citrus, pecan, magnolia, fir, Olive, almond, beech, corktree, sweetgum, rubber, bitternut, plum, ironwood, maple, fig, cypress, papaya, pine, banyan, cherry, sycamore, yew, peach, tamarind, avocado, arborvitae, and cycad.

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Tree Species Word Trails
Tree Species Word Trails
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