Summer Word Fit Puzzle

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Look no further for a fun summer afternoon puzzle! All you have to do to grab your FREE copies of this Summer Word Fit Activity is click “Print Puzzle”!

Solve this fun and engaging activity by fitting each word from the provided list into the matching encircled squares based on the length of each word. Words will read forward, backward, up, down, and diagonally and will often cross paths with other words.

Don’t worry about getting stuck – the solution is included with your download.

In this puzzle, you will find 30 fun summer-themed words, such as: barbecue, baseball, boardwalk, breeze, butterfly, campfire, daylight, dive, frisbee, garden, green, hat, hot, kickball, ladybug, lemonade, lightning, rest, sailboat, sandals, sandcastle, seashell, sizzle, starfish, sunburn, sweaty, swing, tent, umbrella, and vegetables.

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Summer Word Fit
Summer Word Fit
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