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Word fill ins are similar to crossword puzzles; the only difference is, to solve, you figure out which word goes in which blank based on length. Perfect for crossword lovers!

In this puzzle, you will find 62 fun Summer Olympics-themed words, such as: hit, mat, net, tee, bat, lap, run, bow, park, pool, club, kick, base, jump, ball, ring, putt, lift, beach, pitch, coach, track, kayak, relay, throw, horse, water, field, arena, catch, arrow, canoe, score, medal, ground, basket, cleats, birdie, course, sprint, bounce, server, racket, strike, venues, points, athlete, compete, javelin, stadium, diamond, uniform, champion, playoffs, exercise, countries, surfboard, freestyle, equipment, skateboard, trampoline, and springboard.

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