Summer Camp Word Trails Puzzle

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Celebrate enjoying summer and the great outdoors with this FREE printable Summer Camp Word Trails Puzzle today!

Word trail puzzles are similar to word search puzzles, but to solve, find each word from the provided list and then draw a line from square to square to reveal the word. Word trails can wander up, down, left, right, and diagonally! A fun challenge for word search lovers!

In this puzzle, you will find 36 summer camp-themed words, such as: activities, beach, cabin, crafts, flag, guide, lake, rules, sunset, adventure, bracelets, campfire, director, friendship, handbook, nature, schedule, swimming, arts, bunk, canoeing, discoveries, fun, happy, outdoors, songs, teens, backpack, bus, counselor, experience, games, interests, recreation, stars, and tent.

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Summer Camp Word Trails
Summer Camp Word Trails
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