Pizza Word Trails Puzzle

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Word trail puzzles are similar to word search puzzles, but to solve, find each word from the provided list and then draw a line from square to square to reveal the word. Word trails can wander up, down, left, right, and diagonally! A fun challenge for word search fans!

This worksheet features 36 fun pizza-themed words, such as: anchovies, bake, cook, frozen, Italian, onions, pepperoni, reheat, spinach, appetite, booth, crust, gooey, lunch, order, peppers, restaurant, tomato, aroma, Chicago, deep, grilled, mozzarella, pan, pie, sausage, toppings, bacon, chicken, dough, Hawaiian, olives, parmigiano, pineapple, slice, and traditional.

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Pizza Word Trails
Pizza Word Trails
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