Back To School Word Fill In Puzzle

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FREE printable back to school-themed word fill in puzzle!

Puzzlers of all ages, from kids to adults and everyone in between, will love this printable activity!

Word fill in puzzles are similar in construction to crosswords, and they’re just as fun! To solve, simply figure out which word goes in which space by using the length of the words as clues!

Some words included in this fun activity are add, art, bus, desk, glue, globe, slide, grade, ruler, easel, learn, paper, books, clubs, apple, paint, locker, pencil, recess, divide, swings, listen, eraser, folder, friends, crayons, markers, teacher, reading, library, lunchbox, bulletin, backpack, notebook, sneakers, subtract, multiply, supplies, scissors, textbook, homework, computer, shopping, cafeteria, classroom, playground, dictionary, assignment, attendance, calculator, elementary, enrollment, activities, and chalkboard.

The solution is included at the end of the PDF, in case anyone needs a little help!

Back to School Word Fill In Puzzle
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