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Women’s History Month began as Women’s History Week in the United States in 1980. This holiday celebrates women’s contributions to culture, society, and history. In 1987, the week-long celebration became Women’s History Month and is now celebrated in March.

Advocates started celebrating women’s history to raise awareness and inspire future generations. Educators, activists, and feminists wanted recognition of women’s achievements and experiences. Often overlooked and undervalued, women’s contributions need recognition to promote equality.

Today, Women’s History Month is a worldwide celebration. We recognize and honor women and their contributions to society, culture, and history. To promote equality, we must continue reflecting on the many challenges women still face.

Women’s contributions to society are critical to shaping our world. Famous women devoted their invaluable time, ideas, and skills to many occupations and paved the way for contemporary women to continue as leaders, educators, activists, artists, authors, professionals, and community organizers.

Our list of famous women is split into three sections:

  • Famous Women in Early History
  • Famous Women of the Nineteenth Century
  • Famous Women of the Twentieth Century to Present

Each section provides the woman’s name, her occupation, and birth year.

Use this list of famous women to encourage your students to improve language skills, develop knowledge, promote cultural understanding, invigorate critical thinking skills, and inspire future activism.

Puzzles for Women’s History

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Famous Women Of The Twentieth Century To Present
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Famous Women Of The Nineteenth Century
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Famous Women In Early History
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