Easter Word Trails Puzzle

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This FREE printable Easter Word Trails Puzzle is the perfect way to celebrate Easter Sunday with friends and family!

In order to solve, find each word from the provided list and then draw a line from square to square to reveal the word. Word trails can wander up, down, left, right, and diagonally.

The solution is included with your download.

In this puzzle, you will find 36 fun Easter-themed words, such as basket, bonnet, brunch, bunny, Cadbury, candy, celebrate, chick, chocolate, cottontail, daffodils, decorations, dress, duckling, dye, eggs, family, grass, Hersheys, hide, hunt, hyacinths, lamb, lilies, marshmallow, nest, Nestle, parade, pastel, pattern, Peeps, Reeses, suit, toys, trail, and tulips.

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Easter Word Trails
Easter Word Trails
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