Earth Day Missing Vowels Puzzle

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Enjoy your FREE copies of this Earth Day Missing Vowels Puzzle! Perfect for celebrating Earth Day with fellow puzzlers!

Missing vowel puzzles are similar to word search puzzles but are more challenging because you must also fill in the vowels while finding and circling the words. Perfect for word find lovers!

In this puzzle, you will find 45 fun Earth Day-themed words, including: activism, air, alternatives, annual, atmosphere, biodegradable, biodiversity, climate, compost, conserve, demonstration, difference, ecosystem, emissions, endangered, energy, fuels, global, green, habitat, Hayes, health, help, laws, litter, management, nature, nelson, planet, pristine, protect, recycle, renewable, puzzle cheer, restoration, revitalize, science, soil, stewardship, sustainable, together, trees, volunteer, water, and world.

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Earth Day Missing Vowels Puzzle
Earth Day Missing Vowels Puzzle
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