Birthday Puzzles for the Whole Family

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Check out this cute collection of FREE printable birthday-themed puzzles! Find fun and engaging activities perfect for sharing and doing with friends and family, or for giving out as party favors!

Surprise your kids with a cute word search, or print out a crossword for yourself! The solutions are included with each puzzle, just in case anyone gets stuck.

Everyone from young children to adults will love solving these fun activities! Each puzzle is super easy to print out and the PDFs are completely free to download.

Word Searches

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Birthday Fun Easy Word Search For Kids

Click “Print Puzzle to grab your FREE copy of this easy Birthday Fun Word Search For Kids! Children will solve this puzzle by finding all 15 easy birthday-themed vocabulary words, such as age, balloons, cake, candles, friends, fun, games, gifts, ...
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Birthday Party Word Search Puzzle

This FREE printable Birthday Party Word Search is a super fun puzzle to hand out at your next celebration! All you have to do to grab the PDF is click “Print Puzzle”. In order to solve this puzzle, find all ...
Its My Birthday Cake Word Search Featured Image

Birthday Cake Word Search For Kids

Check out this FREE printable Birthday Cake Word Search for kids! Grabbing your free copies is as easy as clicking “Print Puzzle”. In order to solve this puzzle, children will find all 24 birthday cake-themed vocabulary words, including age, birthday, ...

Crosswords and Word Puzzles

Birthday Celebration Crossword Featured Image

Birthday Celebration Crossword

Print your FREE copies of this Birthday Celebration Crossword activity today by clicking “Print Worksheet”! Perfect to hand out at your next celebration! To solve, use the fun birthday celebration-themed clues to fill in the blanks with words like age, ...
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Happy Birthday Crossword Puzzle

This Happy Birthday Crossword activity is ready for you to print today; all you have to do is click “Print Puzzle”! This FREE printable puzzle makes for a fun hand-out at parties with friends and family or at classroom celebrations ...
Happy Birthday Word Fill In Featured Image

Happy Birthday Word Fill In Puzzle

Click “Print Puzzle” to grab your copy of this FREE printable Happy Birthday Word Fill In activity! Word fill in puzzles are just like crossword puzzles, but in order to solve, you figure out which word goes in which blank ...

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