April Fool’s Day Word Search Puzzle

April Fool's Day Word Search Featured Image

Do you like playing a harmless little prank every now and then on April first?

Then take a moment to enjoy this April Fool’s Day word search! It’s completely FREE to download and super easy to print!

Inside the puzzle, you or a loved one will search for fun words like: amusement, antics, April, belly laugh, celebrate, chuckle, class, clever, clown, co-workers, crack up, crafty, creative, cunning, cutup, devious, email, family, first, friends, funny, gag, game, giggle, good sport, grin, harmless, hoax, horse around, humorous, intrigue, jape, joke, jokester, kids, lark, laugh, lighthearted, meme, mischief, newspaper, novelty item, plan, playful, practical, prank, public, radio, replace, ridiculous, salt, school, shenanigan, shout, side splitter, silly, spoof, stunt, television, tomfoolery, toothpaste, trick, trust, website, and wily.

The solution is included! Make sure to grab this engaging word find activity in time for April Fool’s Day!

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