All About Earth Word Search

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Are you and your family ready to celebrate the planet we call home this April 22nd? It the answer is “Yes” then print out your copies of this FREE Earth Day word search activity!

To solve this puzzle, find all 65 Earth themed vocabulary words including: air, atmosphere, axis, bayous, beaches, biodiversity, bogs, caves, climates, clouds, continents, core, crust, cyclones, deserts, earthquakes, ecosystem, estuaries, exosphere, forests, geology, glaciers, globe, grasslands, gravity, gulfs, habitats, hurricanes, islands, lagoons, lakes, mantle, marshes, mesosphere, minerals, mountains, mudflats, nature, oceans, plains, poles, ponds, prairie, rain, reefs, rivers, rocks, sand, shoals, snow, soil, sphere, stratosphere, streams, tectonic plate, thermosphere, tornadoes, troposphere, typhoons, valleys, volcanoes, water, waves, wetlands, and wind.

This word find puzzle works great as a teaching aid or as a fun activity for the whole family. All you have to do is click “Print Puzzle” to download this free PDF! Plus, the solution is included if someone gets a little stuck.

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All About Earth Word Search
All About Earth Word Search
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