4th of July Fireworks Word Search Puzzle

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This FREE printable fireworks-themed word search is a great way for the whole family to celebrate the 4th of July!

In order to solve this puzzle, find all 65 fireworks-themed words, including: aerial, aluminum, barium, blue, caesium, cake, casing, celebration, chemistry, chlorate, chrysanthemum, colored, combustible, confetti, copper, crossette, detonation, display, entertainment, explosive, festival, firecracker, fish, flames, gold, green, ground, gunpowder, horsetail, iron, light, mortar, multi-break, nitrate, noise, orange, outdoors, palm, peony, popper, potassium, professionals, purple, pyrotechnics, red, ring, rocket, safety, shapes, shell, show, silver, skyrocket, smoke, sodium, sparkler, spider, strontium, sulfate, titanium, tube, white, willow, wiring, and yellow.

Click “Print Puzzle” to receive grab the free PDF. If you are looking for more fun activities for this Independence Day, then be sure to check out our selection of free Fourth of July printable puzzles today!

4th Of July Fireworks Word Search
4th of July Fireworks Word Search
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